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7-9 August 2020

The conference is over. You can still view livestreams!

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A historic conference

750 registrations!

300 attendees at peak

What participants thought

Keynote address

Watch the NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

Conference themes

Commercial Space, Moon, Science, Human Spaceflight


The conference lined up 100 amazing space leaders

Pre-conference: Mon Aug 3

Head of Space Agencies panel

Monday August 3 – Pandemics in the Eyes of Space Agencies
This ISP event is opened to the ISU Alumni Community as a pre-event of the conference

Conference: From Aug 7 to 9


NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine will open the conference, discussing strategy, recent accomplishments and future plans.

NASA Lectures

NASA experts will dedicate 4 hours to Commercial Space, the Moon, Science, Human Spaceflight.

24-hour round-the-world Panels

Panels of space experts selected regionally by alumni will explore various topics related to the conference themes.

Connect with Alumni

Catch up with fellow classmates and meet alumni who have shared interests or regional proximity.

Space Masquerade

Welcome to the first ever online ISU Space Masquerade! Register by 7th August’20, 23:59 UTC to participate.

Participant Talks

Alumni will have the opportunity to present ideas or work that might be interesting the alumni community. Want to give a talk? Register by Aug 4 to participate.


Intensity is an exercise session tailored to help keep you fit, entertained, and engaged for the ISU alumni weekend! More info here


There will be online team games to contribute to a relaxed Sunday and let you have fun with old and new friends.

OK, but how will you make it happen?

Lectures and panels

We’ll use Zoom.

Social / networking sessions

We’ll use a new conferencing technology, where it will be natural to move around floors, randomly bump into people and casually start chatting.

Text chat, alumni profiles and updates

We’ll use LinkedIn. This is the only system that works seamlessly in all regions of the world. Also, it will ease connections in the widely used professional platform.


We provide a dynamic schedule system that conveniently displays all sessions in your local time zone, filters out sessions that happen during your night time, identifies the current session, and provides links to the appropriate conference rooms.

You’re sure it’s gonna work out? Space is hard!

This is a big experiment, and we hope you’ll be satisfied with the results! Things are planned in advance and require minimal real-time work. If something doesn’t go right, we’ll have a team available to fix it.

“Spaceflight isn’t just about doing experiments, it’s about an extension of human culture.” – Chris Hadfield

The alumni conference will showcase work from alumni through the participant talks, presentations from leaders in space, and panels from all over the world.

With floors of breakout rooms available, connecting with fellow space enthusiasts will be a blast. Have enriching conversations in the space cafe, or share your talents in the hobbies zone, and get moving in the gym.

As an alumni you are invited to these talks and other activities with free registration!

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